The product tasting is our strength point:
if you taste a Panificio Zorzi breadstick,
you will not leave it anymore.


We are the first consumers of our products and we only demand quality.
We are certified BRC, the standard for the safety of agro-food products with which we monitor and develop our processes.
With the certification of IFS standard we are subjected to repeated and sudden checks to constantly test our performance.
Our organic products guarantee compliance with current legislation with a minimum percentage of 95% of organic ingredients.
We select suppliers and partners with ours same values and requirement, guaranteeing the best ingredients obtained with rigorous quality standards, with strictly attention to the supply chain traceability.

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We experiment and innovate with competence and effectiveness.
We have links with the Department of Agro-Industrial Biology and Diabetology of the University of Verona in projects of scientific disclosure and training.
We oppose the speed of distribution to the slowness of processing.
The GS1 system used for data coding and barcode information, it allows to have all the data always updated, easily traceable for us and for all our customers.