Be the reference for the bread substitutes market.


In a balance between past and future, in order to guarantee a quality and sustainable present.

The Company

Generation after generation, we still strongly believe in high quality bakery. Our products are the result of the experience gained from tradition combined with constant research and development. Starting from selecting the best raw materials, we keep control every phase of the production. Thanks to the balance between time and temperature, our products have a unique lightness and crispness.


Panificio Zorzi quality is the outcome of strong innovation in tradition.

The Company today

After over 50 years of history, Panificio Zorzi is now leading to the third generation.
The third generation, represented by Davide Zorzi, marks the implementation of the new strategy: be the reference for the bread substitutes market.
Thanks to constant research and development, the new 100% Biological and Gluten Free lines have been launched (with the establishment approved by the Ministry of Health).
Panificio Zorzi also develops its own division dedicated to special nutrition and to all those products for specific nutritional needs, like rich in protein or low carb diets.
Panificio Zorzi, like yeast which thanks to the right combination of heat and time grows without stopping, consolidates its position on the market and obtains a place of honor at the table of taste lovers.
A reliable company, oriented towards the future, which preserves the best of its tradition, able to face with enthusiasm and competence the market challenges and the new consumers tastes.