Onion Sfizzi Mini Breadsticks

Savory Mini Breadsticks, feel the taste in every onion pieces

Onion Sfizzi Mini Breadsticks - Detail
  • Ingredients

    Soft wheat flour, fried onion 5% (palm oil), dry, extra virgin olive oil 4%, vegetable fat (coconut), natural yeast (soft wheat flour), yeast, salt, sunflower oil, malted wheat flour, antioxidant: rosemary extracts.

  • Nutritional values

    Energy: 1826kJ – 433kcal
    Fat: 10,0g
    of which saturates 3,2g
    Carbohydrate: 68,9g
    of which sugars 0,8g
    Fibre: 4,1g
    Protein: 14,8g
    Salt: 2,4g

  • Product features

    With sourdough, with extra virgin olive oil and 4 leavening phases. No aromas.