Taste is our trump card: once you have tried Zorzi's breadsticks, you can't live without them. Our breadsticks are made from selected quality ingredients and the dough undergoes specific rising and baking processes. Zorzi's breadsticks can delight everybody, even the most demanding palates.

Fragrance, crunchiness, and lightness are the direct results of the passion, love, and innovation we use to make our breadsticks.  As expert bakers, we know the importance of using a proper and natural rising process. This includes the time-honoured ritual of using four-phases of elaboration, just like in the past.  We do not consider this a waste of time, because we know that it is saved time in the end.  When the dough is ready, we cut it and shape the loaves until they are thin. At a later stage, it will made into the typical narrow and stretched shape. In each of these stages, there is a controlled and monitored rising phase.  After leavening for many hours, the dough is elastic and soft, characteristics that are necessary in order to achieve great results.  When the rising phase is over, the breadsticks are placed in the oven. The baking phase is long because the temperature is kept low, so that the heat can reach the core of our breadsticks, reducing internal humidity to obtain crispy, thin external crust. The whole productive process requires many specialized workers, not only because of the numerous phases, but also because many phases are performed manually.