Since 1960, surrounded by the authentic environment/nature of Valdadige, we have been baking fragrant, crumbly and light breadsticks and bread substitutes.

For your healthy and balanced diet, we choose and select the best of Italian raw materials which are certified and guaranteed.

We knead these ingredients and let them rise four times, without adding anything else.

Flour, oil, yeast, pure spring water and air are the only ingredients we use. 

Our products come from the impressive Valdadige area where, within walking distance from the Adige river, our production plant is located.

An enchanting location and also a destination of interest to tourists from all over the world.

Surmounted by austere fortresses that overlooked the territory for centuries, our factory represents the pride of three generations of bakers who have always respected the traditional values of an ethic production towards quality.

Since 1960, the foundation year, our firm has consistently evolved and become a modern productive facility. While keeping all the company values and the same old passion alive, today our company takes advantage of from modern technologies in order to meet Italian and foreign costumers needs. Our Bakery produces breadsticks for the whole Italian and foreign territory and our products are available  both on large-scale distribution and in retail shops.

The ethic commitment of the company also involves the environment. Care and respect the territory where our company is located have been our main priority, consequently we decided to have an environmentally-friendly plant, a photovoltaic power system and arrangements for the recovery of heat from the plant fumes.

Gender quotas represent another reason of pride, since 80% of our human resources are represented by women.